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Programs & Fulfillment

ful·fill also ful·fil

tr.v. ful·filled, ful·fill·ing, ful·fills also ful·fils

ful·fill ment, ful·fil ment n.

1. To bring into actuality; effect: fulfilled their promises.

2. To carry out (an order, for example).

3. To measure up to; satisfy. See Synonyms at perform, satisfy.

4. To bring to an end; complete.

The team at Thread F/X has over 100 years of combined experience in program management and fulfillment. We have worked on programs including national account management, government apparel programs, associations, and more. We custom tailor each program to you and your clients' needs to make sure it fits the exact need. We have a state of the art warehouse and inventory management system. Let us handle any of the following for you:



Fulfillment is a process that simplifies the complexity of receiving, processing, servicing and shipping orders for a company. A fulfillment system is important for you because it ensures that your customers' orders are processed and delivered in a timely manner. The benefit of outsourcing part or all of the fulfillment process is that we can handle the non-core aspects of your business. The advantage of outsourcing these services is that it saves a company time and money, which can be especially helpful when a company is small. You are able to spend your time selling, while having complete confidence that your customer will receive the right product on time. Our fulfillment team is an extension of your staff, with no additional personnel costs. In addition to soft goods, we are able to include other specialty items in a full program.



Warehousing refers to holding or preserving goods on a large-scale basis. It bridges the time gap between production and consumption. Thus, warehousing ensures a constant supply of goods. This is the most efficient method to store and distribute your products. We take care of determining aspects such as layout, use of space, staff productivity, systems, and even freight analysis. Outsourcing warehousing services also ensures supply chain security because you know that your goods are stored in a safe place. We can hold blank good in preparation for embellishment or finished goods read for shipment. There is no need for you to have more space than needed or rent temporary space for a large order. Our team is there to be that extra resource.

Pick & Pack Services


Orders placed by your customer may involve bringing together products from more than one supplier. Additional warehouse space and perhaps temporary personnel may be required to pull and ship these specialized orders. This places substantial strain on the day to day business that already exists. To service these customers, the benefits of pick and pack services become very obvious in such a situation. Your responsibility would be to send us individual orders and we will pick, pack and ship to your customer as an extension of your own shipping department. The packed orders are made ready for shipment through third parties who can either be an overnight or a ground shipping service. We also offer services such as product labeling, kitting and assembly, poly bagging and shrink wrapping, and co-packing.

This not only helps the business in focusing on more important aspects such as increasing sales but also improves the service levels to customers.

  • Bulk Packing

  • Poly Bagging

  • Shipping to Multiple Locations

  • Blind Shipping

  • Blind Art Approvals

  • Pantone Matching System

  • Warehouse/Fullfillment

  • Add Labels/Hang Tags

  • Art Recreation

Other Services

Drop Shipping


Certain orders require shipping to multiple drop ship locations - all at one time. As an extension of our Pick and Pack services or as a stand-alone project, we have the capability to make this process simple and seamless for your company. Your responsibility would be to simply forward to us the complete orders and shipping information. Our team completes the process by managing the shipping and order communication as well as working with third party shippers to have the products delivered to your customer's doorstep at the right time. Drop shipping can substantially improve your profit margin.

When evaluating any of the services listed, think about the demand on your organizational resources. When customer orders require additional space to store product, as well as space to pick and package individual orders with multiple items, do you have the space? Are you comfortable with diverting staff time from normal duties to handle these orders or will you need to employ unskilled temporary labor to provide the manpower? Outsourcing the entire process to Thread F/X allows your business to function normally, without disruption, and concentrate on providing outstanding service to your customers.

The Thread F/X Promise

As a Thread F/X customer, you are a part of our family. If there is ever an issue or problem, we will do everything within our power to make it right. This is my personal guarantee to you.

                                                                  Ryan B. Small

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